Empowering every classroom

Join us on our journey towards a full nationwide rollout, providing no-cost, film & evidence-based, mental health education programs to every student and their family in the U.S.

CalHOPE Schools Initiative Partnership Iniciativa de Escuelas CalHOPE

Angst: presented by iMPACTFUL as part of the CalHOPE Schools Initiative. Angst: presentado por iMPACTFUL como parte de la iniciativa CalHOPE Schools.

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Impactful Washington Impactful Washington

2 Years of the full Creative Coping Toolkit in Washington schools. Starting November 1st, 2023. 2 años de Creative Coping Toolkit completo en las escuelas de Washington. A partir del 1 de noviembre de 2023.

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Impactful Illinois Impactful Illinois

Impactful Fund and the Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) present the Angst Creative Coping Toolkit, a film and evidence-based toolkit to guide educators, youth, and families on safely addressing mental health. Impactful Fund y la Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) presentan el Angst Creative Coping Toolkit, una película y un conjunto de herramientas basadas en pruebas para orientar a educadores, jóvenes y familias sobre cómo abordar la salud mental de forma segura.

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Impactful Alaska Impactful Alaska

2 Years of the full Creative Coping Toolkit in Alaska schools. Starting November 1st, 2023. 2 años de Creative Coping Toolkit completo en las escuelas de Alaska. A partir del 1 de noviembre de 2023.

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Our initiatives positively impact educators, students, and their families.

Our statewide initiatives deliver award-winning film and evidence-based programs that educate on complex topics and include empowering strategies and practical tips on supporting positive mental health by addressing anxiety, online safety, bullying, resilience, loneliness, addiction, connection, and belonging. 

What is The Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT)?

Four award-winning and evidence-based mental health literacy programs are designed to bring about a deeper learning, engagement, and positive impact on topics such as anxiety, resilience, bullying, respect, social media addiction, character building, and kindness. These programs have been meticulously crafted over the span of six years and are designed to promote empathy and provide an immersive experience that can foster positive change. Educating through stories. 

The CCT comprises 273 individual assets, with an impressive 80% of these assets being film-based. Our 48-chapter learning modules feature our films broken into short clips, accompanied by post-screening guides that include classroom discussion questions and student reflection prompts. 

24 interactive activities based on cognitive behavioral therapy and the CASEL SEL Core Competences that deepen learning, gamify talking about our feelings and support long-term attitude and habit shift. Plus, a test-your-knowledge quiz for each film to reflect on key takeaways. 


Dedicated Engagement Team is at your service throughout the duration of each program. They will provide year-long support for your community to ensure a seamless implementation and ongoing interaction with our programming. In addition, we offer many support tools and resources for facilitators, whether you're working from home, school, or office.


Tools and strategies for measuring impact and evolving programming through various routes: survey feedback, community-based training sessions, engagement team communications and check-ins, viewership analytics and reports, and live-screening engagements (Q&A, chat function).